It's Nearly THAT Time Of Year Again.....

Ok, I know it has been quite a long time since I last posted a blog! Life has been rather busy and blogs seem to have taken quite a back seat for a while! I've had birthdays, weddings, our first family holiday, a Memory Walk and my husbands' *ahem* big birthday this year as well! Good old Facebook 'reminded' me that this time last year, I was starting to think about making Christmas cakes and mincemeat.... This means that over the next few weeks, I shall be mixing up my mincemeat and taking orders for Christmas cakes! One of my favourite part of Christmas is making my mincemeat. All that glorious fruit, the spices, the brandy! (or rum for that matter!). I love the smells that waft from my kitchen when I've been baking. Right now, it's chocolate cake! Nothing beats my great-gran's 70 year old war-time recipe. I've tweaked it before so I use Horlicks instead of cocoa. Filled with vanilla buttercream, the result is a cake that tastes just like Malted Milk biscuits!

Anyway, back to Christmas cakes and mincemeat! The design ideas are endless when it comes to Christmas - ranging from the traditional holly leaves and berries to the silhouettes of the Three Wise Men on their camels following the star. Round, square, or even cupcakes, the shape and size of your cake is entirely up to you! I do cater for any allergies/dietary requirements, so if you require a 'free-from' cake, please let me know and I will bake accordingly! My Christmas cakes will be mainly rich fruit cakes that will have been fed for maximum of 8 weeks. (dependent on when your order is placed) However, you do not HAVE to have a fruit cake as your Christmas cake and you don't even have to have it 'fed', you could have a sponge, chocolate, carrot....the choice is up to you! If you have a design idea in mind for your Christmas cake, feel free to ask me about it and I can arrange a quote for you.

I shall be delivering the Christmas cakes in the week before and leading up to Christmas (starting from 19th December), so it is best to get your cake orders in by the 24th October. This will give your cake the maximum 'feeding' time!

I shall also be attending a Christmas Fair at Buckminster Primary School where you can pop on down and pick up a cake (or two), mince pies, jars of mincemeat and maybe even some of my blood orange marmalade too! I have a few recipes I want to try out for lots of other Christmassy goodies, so pop on over to Buckminster Primary School on the 29th November between 3-6pm!

Prices (quoted without delivery. Collection, obviously, is free!)


Mincemeat - 400g (approx) jars.  *Allergens - sulphur dioxide and milk (butter is used)* - £3.50


Christmas Cupcakes


Delicious Christmas fruity cupcakes with a snowy meringue icing. These are sold in batches of 6/12.

6 Christmas cupcakes = £15

12 Christmas cupcakes = £30

Alternatively, for sponge Christmas cupcakes, these are also sold in batches of 6/12 at a cost of £12/£24 per batch.


The Three Wise Men Christmas Cake

Round (or square) Christmas cake.

These come in various sizes (portion sizes being about 1"x2") -

7", 9" or 10" round cake (to feed approximately 18, 32 and 38 accordingly)  


6", 8" or 9" square cake (which will feed approximately 18, 32 or 40 accordingly).

Holly Christmas Cake

7" round / 6" square = £40

9" round / 8" square = £55

10" round / 9" square = £65

To order your Christmas cake/s, choose your size and design from those featured in this blog, pop over to the Contact Form, fill out your details and I shall be straight back in touch with you!


Alternatively, if you have a design idea in mind or a budget, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask. I am more than happy to work with you!