Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Friday the 25th September saw lots of people joining in with the "Worlds' Biggest Coffee Morning". One such place was The Blue Cow Inn, in South Witham; a lovely little pub just down the road from me. What does a coffee morning require? Cake! What better way to help raise money for such a worthwhile charity than to supply them with a little cake. But which flavour to pick? There are so many flavours to choose from! I thought, going with an ale or beer theme, would be an appropriate idea due to the venue of this coffee morning. Now, I have made a chocolate and Guinness cake before as a request from a friend a while ago, but never got to taste it (apparently it was delicious!).

This time, I thought I would try the very same recipe, but with a twist - by substituting the Guinness with a draft ale from the pub! I decided to use a lovely ale called "Vulcan Bomber" - a smooth, deep ruby coloured ale. An absolute favourite of my husbands' and quite a few more from the village too I shouldn't wonder! Topped with a delectable cream cheese icing, the cake smelt and looked delicious!

The coffee morning (well, afternoon, being as it was held at 2pm!) was a resounding success. A grand total of £301 and 2 Euros (don't ask!) was raised through the sale of the cakes and a "Guess the Weight of the Cake" with a Red Velvet Cake donated by myself. I managed to try the Chocolate and Vulcan bomber Ale Cake this time. Verdict? As good as it smelt. It reminded me very much of a chocolate cake my mum and my grandma used to make. Delicious!