Tea, Cake and Fond Farewells.

Today we said farewell to a wonderful lady - my grandma. A wonderful woman who may be gone, but most definitely will not be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts! She always loved tea accompanied by a slice of cake with copious amounts of icing.. So I thought, the nicest way to celebrate her, was to create a 'Memory Cake' incorporating little things that reminded us of her.

Her creativeness : She was always creating things - embroidery, cross-stitch and quilting. She made some extremely beautiful pieces. Over 900 pieces she has documented over the last 30 years up to 2013! I do believe there is one piece housed somewhere in Leeds Castle. Her quilting is one of my fondest memories of her. Lots of tiny pieces of fabric that she would cut out and carefully piece together into beautiful intricate patterns. 

Tea and Cake : Food always played a big part in our childhood (and some adult) visits to her and my grandads little bungalow. One of my most favourite memories from when I was really small, was sitting around the kitchen table at tea-time with both my grandma and my grandad, this amazing spread of food with this giant comb of honey sitting proudly in the middle of the table waiting for someone to carve the first piece out. Tea-time also meant SO much food, we would be fit to burst and were allowed to take home little goodie-bags. These would inevitably be filled up with cake and biscuits! What person doesn't love cake and biscuits? Pudding at lunch came with the choice of either ice cream or custard to go with it. My younger brother when asked whether he would like ice cream or custard one time simply said "Yes please". After that afternoon, it seemed to be a thing to have both custard AND ice cream with our puddings!

Before tea though,there would be card games, board games and afternoons of general silliness. 'Happy Families', 'Uno' and 'Sorry' were just a few of our favourites. 

She also kept her garden looking lovely and full of flowers. Especially fuschias. The bright pink and purple blooms drooping in beautiful bunches. And the red pillar box? She loved them and I remember her taking photos of most (if not all) of the ones she would come across.

There are so many special memories that we (my family) have of her. She will be missed by us, but there will always be something that reminds us of happy times with her.