mmmm Cakes is based in South Witham, just between Stamford and Grantham, a short distance from the A1. We will supply to anywhere, but there will be a delivery charge. However, if you are passing by or local you can collect.

The cakes we make are what ever you require - from just a simple cake to one off commissions. Anything goes!

We can supply gluten free, dairy free, nut free and if you have any other requirements, we'll work with you to make sure you go "mmmm Cake" every time you bite in to one of our creations.

If you would like an "mmmm Cake", then use the contact form to contact us and we'll get right on it. However, we do need at least 7 days notice as every creation is made to order.




You may remember I recently started offering Memory Cakes as something for you to remember those who are no longer with us. On days where you want to celebrate your loved ones life and the fact they are no longer with you. Shawna McGreevy of McGreevy Cakes has made the most wonderful Memory Cake in memory of a wonderful little boy, Ian. The blog she wrote to accompany the cake is so moving, it had me in tears. (So please have your hankies at the ready!)

Memory Cakes are such a wonderful way to remember and celebrate our loved ones and in the words of little Ian, "Don't worry mom. Just believe."



To read Shawna's beautiful blog about this marvellous cake, "In Memory of Ian", just click on this link



If you yourself would like a Memory Cake, please don't hesitate to contact me eith

er via the Contact Form, or give me a call on (07810) 285191.

Tea, Cake and Fond Farewells.

Today we said farewell to a wonderful lady - my grandma. A wonderful woman who may be gone, but most definitely will not be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts! She always loved tea accompanied by a slice of cake with copious amounts of icing.. So I thought, the nicest way to celebrate her, was to create a 'Memory Cake' incorporating little things that reminded us of her.

Her creativeness : She was always creating things - embroidery, cross-stitch and quilting. She made some extremely beautiful pieces. Over 900 pieces she has documented over the last 30 years up to 2013! I do believe there is one piece housed somewhere in Leeds Castle. Her quilting is one of my fondest memories of her. Lots of tiny pieces of fabric that she would cut out and carefully piece together into beautiful intricate patterns. 

Tea and Cake : Food always played a big part in our childhood (and some adult) visits to her and my grandads little bungalow. One of my most favourite memories from when I was really small, was sitting around the kitchen table at tea-time with both my grandma and my grandad, this amazing spread of food with this giant comb of honey sitting proudly in the middle of the table waiting for someone to carve the first piece out. Tea-time also meant SO much food, we would be fit to burst and were allowed to take home little goodie-bags. These would inevitably be filled up with cake and biscuits! What person doesn't love cake and biscuits? Pudding at lunch came with the choice of either ice cream or custard to go with it. My younger brother when asked whether he would like ice cream or custard one time simply said "Yes please". After that afternoon, it seemed to be a thing to have both custard AND ice cream with our puddings!

Before tea though,there would be card games, board games and afternoons of general silliness. 'Happy Families', 'Uno' and 'Sorry' were just a few of our favourites. 

She also kept her garden looking lovely and full of flowers. Especially fuschias. The bright pink and purple blooms drooping in beautiful bunches. And the red pillar box? She loved them and I remember her taking photos of most (if not all) of the ones she would come across.

There are so many special memories that we (my family) have of her. She will be missed by us, but there will always be something that reminds us of happy times with her.

Cake and Bake Show, Manchester 2015.

The 13th of November showcased the start of the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester at EventCity. 3 days of solid cakey goodness with celebrities, lots of stands and a plethora of competition cakes. Having not been to a show before, I thought I would toddle along to see what I was missing! I even treated myself to a ticket for a demo by the fabulous Danielle Gotheridge in one of the classrooms at the show on the Saturday.

It was like being a small child in a sweet shop seeing all the lovely stands crammed with cakes, sweets and baking goodies. It was tricky to know where to start. I decided to have a mooch around the competition bakes first. I have to say, there were some seriously good bakers and decorators that had entered. Some amateur, some professional and even a junior section! It was interesting to see how other people work with cake, icing and structural materials when they create their masterpieces. But it did give me a few ideas on new materials I can use for my future bakes! It has made me want to enter one of my creations into a competition. That'll come next year at Cake International I think!

The demo that was run by Danielle was very interesting and quite eye-opening when it came to her talking about the tools that she uses. There are lots of fancy gadgets, utensils and gimmicks that you can get to use when you are creating your cake masterpiece, but, in agreement with Danielle, I like using the bare minimum. Treating the cake and covering like an edible sculpture. It takes me back to when I was small. Playing with plasticine and Playdoh was the best thing ever! And that is what I class cakes as. Edible plasticine/Playdoh. A cake doesn't always have to be just a plain round or square shape. It can be turned into something spectacular! My favourite tools I use when I am constructing and carving my cakes are simply and small serrated knife, my icing smoother, pizza wheel and my hands. I always start with either a round or square cake as my base and then carve away from there! I still remember the first ever carved cake I was asked to make. This was going back at least 6 years ago or so and it was a Spiderman mask. I must have placed my knife on the top of the cake dozens of times before I finally plucked up the courage to chop away the first part of the cake! All it takes is time and confidence.

After watching the delightful Lisa Faulkner at the Cake & Bake Super Theatre, I came across one rather lovely stand that sells THE most deliciously naturally flavoured icing sugars - Sugar and Crumbs. When you get asked "Would you like to try a sample of the apple crumble icing sugar?". Of course the answer is a resounding yes! 

Oh. My. Goodness! It was absolutely divine. It was just like eating apple crumble. Who knew you could do that with icing sugar? I have now bought their pink lemonade and their Jaffa Twist flavoured icing sugars to try out on my cupcakes. (Which, by the way, if you fill out a Contact Form or give me a call, you can order some from me!).

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Cake and Bake Show this year and it is an experience which I would most certainly love to do again next year. Who knows, one year I may even have my own stand!...... 

The Geese Are Getting Fat......

"Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat,

Please put a penny in the old mans hat,

If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do,

If you haven't got a ha'penny, God bless you!"

Yes, I am talking about Christmas already! Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. Decorating the tree together, putting up baubles and tinsel, making mince pies, wrapping presents... I can hear the jingle of bells already! My favourite part of Christmas is making my mincemeat and the Christmas cakes. All that glorious fruit, the spices, (the brandy!) - my kitchen smells DIVINE when the cake has been made and the mincemeat is slowly maturing.  There is nothing tastier than home-made mincemeat and a rich fruit cake for Christmas!

Sleigh Christmas CakeI have spent the last week or so deciding on my Christmas cake designs for this year. Ranging from the traditional holly leaves and berries to the silhouettes of the Three Wise Men on their camels following the star. Round, square, or even cupcakes, the shape and size of your cake is entirely up to you! I do cater for any allergies/dietary requirements, so if you require a 'free-from' cake, please let me know and I will bake accordingly! My Christmas cakes will be mainly rich fruit cakes that will have been fed for maximum of 8 weeks. (dependent on when your order is placed) However, you do not HAVE to have a fruit cake as your Christmas cake, you could have a sponge, chocolate, carrot....the choice is up to you! If you have a design idea in mind for your Christmas cake, feel free to ask me about it and I can arrange a quote for you.

I shall be delivering the Christmas cakes in the week before and leading up to Christmas (starting from 21st December), so it is best to get your cake orders in by the 26th October. This will give your cake the maximum 'feeding' time. 

Prices (quoted without delivery)

Christmas Cupcakes


Delicious fruity cupcakes with a snowy meringue icing. These are sold in batches of 6/12.

6 Christmas cupcakes = £15

12 Christmas cupcakes = £30



The Three Wise Men Christmas Cake

Round (or square) Christmas cake.

These come in various sizes -

7", 9" or 10" round cake (to feed approximately 11, 18 and 21 accordingly)  


6", 8" or 9" square cake (which will feed approximately 9, 16 or 21 accordingly).

Holly Christmas Cake

7" round / 6" square = £40

9" round / 8" square = £55

10" round / 9" square = £65

To order your Christmas cake/s, choose your size and design from those featured in this blog, pop over to the Contact Form, fill out your details and I shall be straight back in touch with you!


Alternatively, if you have a design idea in mind or a budget, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask. I am more than happy to work with you!

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Friday the 25th September saw lots of people joining in with the "Worlds' Biggest Coffee Morning". One such place was The Blue Cow Inn, in South Witham; a lovely little pub just down the road from me. What does a coffee morning require? Cake! What better way to help raise money for such a worthwhile charity than to supply them with a little cake. But which flavour to pick? There are so many flavours to choose from! I thought, going with an ale or beer theme, would be an appropriate idea due to the venue of this coffee morning. Now, I have made a chocolate and Guinness cake before as a request from a friend a while ago, but never got to taste it (apparently it was delicious!).

This time, I thought I would try the very same recipe, but with a twist - by substituting the Guinness with a draft ale from the pub! I decided to use a lovely ale called "Vulcan Bomber" - a smooth, deep ruby coloured ale. An absolute favourite of my husbands' and quite a few more from the village too I shouldn't wonder! Topped with a delectable cream cheese icing, the cake smelt and looked delicious!

The coffee morning (well, afternoon, being as it was held at 2pm!) was a resounding success. A grand total of £301 and 2 Euros (don't ask!) was raised through the sale of the cakes and a "Guess the Weight of the Cake" with a Red Velvet Cake donated by myself. I managed to try the Chocolate and Vulcan bomber Ale Cake this time. Verdict? As good as it smelt. It reminded me very much of a chocolate cake my mum and my grandma used to make. Delicious!

Weddings, Wedding Fairs and Bunting!

These last two weeks have been exceptionally hectic for me, hence the quietness on the blog front!

The start of the first week was preparation for my first ever wedding fair - making dummy cakes, fondant flowers, sample cakes for tasting, making sure I have enough business cards....the list went on! Days and days of preparation was well worth it though. Once the car was loaded up with cakes, cards and dummies, it was off to Grantham Guildhall Arts Centre

It was a small affair with just 15 stands in the ballroom, which, to be honest, for someone doing their first wedding fair, was ideal! Especially being as the nerves were kicking in whilst I was setting up. That soon changed once the doors were opened and people started meandering in. It got me talking about one of the things I love - CAKE! At that point, the nerves flittered away completely! For my first fair, it went rather well. I got to speak to lots of brides (and grooms!) and I also managed to speak with a few of the other businesses that were there -  Russell Croucher Photography, Jennifer Anne Make Up Artist, WiseGuys Menswear, Paul Bryant Photography and a lovely lady by the name of Colette from Repli-cake, who makes a miniature version of your wedding cake from clay to keep as a memento of your special day, displayed in a glass dome. Her attention to detail in each cake is phenomenal and truly beautiful!

I have always said, there is no 'blue-print' for a wedding cake. It is all about making it personal to yourselves - from the traditional flower sprays to 'something a little different', there is no right or wrong way as to how your wedding cake looks. I  do love making something that is personal to each couple, whether it be dry stone walls, Pacman and cakes as we had on our wedding cake; beautiful handmade flowers and sparkles as requested by a lovely local couple recently or vintage shabby chic and bunting as for a couple I made their wedding cake for, this weekend.

It is always nice to have customers come back again. More so when the last time you spoke to them is quite some time ago,  but you still remember who they were. I was asked at the beginning of the year if I could make a wedding cake for a couple I had made a birthday cake for a few years ago (a Typhoon Fighter jet to be precise...) 

Did I remember them? Of course! Because all of my cakes are made to order, not one of them has ever been identical to another, which makes them all the more memorable. The theme of this wedding cake? 

Shabby chic with bunting, pale pinks and blues. It sounded beautiful. Pencils and pens to paper and I came up with a few ideas, the design was picked and a few months later the cake made (with a few extra cupcakes to go with it). Displayed in the banqueting hall of Barnsdale Lodge, with the drapes hanging from the ceiling and the silver candelabra, it all looked beautiful!



Congratulations to both couples on starting their new lives together! 

Great British Bake-A-Long.. Part 3!

The Great British Bake-A-Long blog had to take a little bit of a back seat over the last week as I have been trying to prepare for my first ever wedding fair! However, that doesn't mean that I haven't been baking!!! I have managed to bake those delicious sounding Arlette biscuits. Watching the contestants rolling and folding and rolling and folding their butter and pastry mix together looked very long-winded and time consuming. However, that didn't stop me having a go.

There is a similar process with Arlette biscuits that you have when you are making puff pastry. The wonderful 'book-fold', turn and roll. (Book-fold is just as it sounds - you fold both ends of the pastry into the centre and then fold this in half, just like a book!)... Although, with these biscuits, the butter mix goes on the OUTSIDE of the pastry mix. One piece of the preparation process that I found exceedingly messy! Word to the wise. If you decide to give these lovely biscuits a go, use a layer of clingfilm top and bottom when you get to the rolling and folding stage. Keeps the worktops, your hands AND your rolling pin clean. I found this out the hard way!

After 3 (or was it 4), book-folds, the cinnamon sugar mix is then rolled into the pastry. In my personal opinion, I would sprinkle half of the sugar mix over the pastry, book-fold and repeat the roll and fold again with another layer of sugar mix. I think it would have made for a more even spread of cinnamon. Once they were cooked however, the result was some rather delicious cinnamon biscuits. I wouldn't have said they were a complete success, but they have all been eaten now, so I am pretty sure they were also not a total disaster!

Next, onto the bread! The first challenge the contestants faced was the 'quick bread' round. Bread that is made without the use of yeast. My first thoughts? Soda bread. One of my absolute favourites. I added  a couple of finely chopped spring onions, a couple of chillies, a handful of basil and a smidgeon of turmeric. Success yet again! The smell of bread wafting out of the kitchen was just too tempting to slice a wedge off the end of the loaf and cover it in butter whilst it was still hot. I did manage to resist the urge until it was cool though!

My next mission (should I choose to accept it...Well, I think I should give it a go!) - is the classic French baguette! Bread has never been something that I have managed to get in to. It was all well and good when I used to have a bread machine, you'd chuck everything into the pan, click a button and off it would go. Making bread by hand is a whole different ball game. for starters, it gets your arm muscles going! Nonetheless, I am not one to shy away from a challenge and although this next week is going to be a very hectic one, I am endeavouring on attempting baguettes! I also have to remember, that there is a Black forest Gateau and the desserts round to catch up with. Yum, cheesecake. One dessert I haven't made for along while!

Tiny Bit Of Super Exciting News!!!

This week, I have a tiny bit of super exciting news......

I had my first visit from our local Environmental Health Officer this week. A visit which can put the severe frighteners into the most calm of people. Well, I didn't have anything to be worried about after all. I passed with flying colours!!! Food Hygiene Rating - 5!

I am one VERY happy, proud and excited lady!

Baking Nostalgia

Sorting through my recipe book cupboard the other day, I came across goodies that reminded me of baking when I was a child. Biscuit cutters, jelly moulds and a couple of old recipe books that belonged to my great-gran. My favourite recipe book, well, I have 2 favourites, are - the "Radiation Cookery Book - For use with the REGULO NEW WORLD Gas Cookers" (from 1941) and my other favourite - "The Kitchen Front" (A 1942 war-time booklet filled with recipes selected by the Ministry of Food from just some of the broadcasted B.B.C.programmes of the same name). Both of these books are chock full of recipes - some that most of us may have heard of, some, maybe not so familiar.

There is one recipe that reminds me of my childhood - Chocolate Layer Cake (American Origin). I remember making this with my mum when I was a small child. The delicious aroma of chocolate wafting from the kitchen as it baked in the oven whilst I licked the bowl (and spoon) clean. This was quite simply a necessity and possibly one of my favourite things about baking when I was small. After all, one mustn't waste any mixture! This particular recipe always called for only 2 tablespoons of cocoa, but me being me, thought it would taste super chocolatey if I added a little more! And when I say a 'little', what I mean is "Let's add at least 3 more tablespoons". Up until about 5 or so years ago, mum was unaware that this was what I did. "So THAT'S where all my cocoa used to disappear to!". Oops, I've been rumbled! But hey, it made for an absolutely scrumptious chocolate cake! Filled with butter icing and dusted with icing sugar - a slab of that after tea was the best thing ever! It still is. The simplest recipes are always the best in my opinion.

I did happen to stumble upon a genius variation of this chocolate cake. One afternoon, (quite a few years ago), I had a hankering for chocolate cake, so started to weigh and measure all the ingredients out, only to discover - no cocoa powder! You can't very well make a chocolate cake with no cocoa powder or chocolate. Some quick thinking was required here! Rummaging through the cupboards, I came across a jar of Horlicks and thought, 'Well, why not?'. Half an hour and one yummy smelling kitchen later, I had a cake that tasted remarkably like malted milk biscuits. Oh heavens, what a happy accident that was! So now, if I find myself short of an ingredient or two or simply just fancy experimenting with cake recipes, my stock cupboards are rummaged through to see what delights I can use as an alternative!