Great British Bake-A-Long

Wednesday August the 5th 2015 showcased the start of the new season of the Great British Bake Off. One of my favourite cooking programmes alongside Masterchef. I love following the contestants on their journey in the Bake-Off tent. I have to admit that I don't envy them attempting their bakes in an environment that can be so temperamental - heat, cold, rain, wind - they get it all thrown at them and yet, the majority of the time, they come up with some amazing creations! Yes there are disasters that crop up, but everyone has at least one of those once in a while. Even the best of bakers has the occasional hiccup!

This year, my husband has challenged me to follow the Bake Off by baking the same thing the contestants have to. The only difference I have is the judges are my husband and daughter as opposed to Mary and Paul. 

Week one and the first challenges the contestants faced were - Madeira cake, Mary Berry's Walnut cake and for the show stopper it was back to the 1970's for the delectable Black Forest gateau. Madeira cake was first up! Rather than doing a plain Madeira, I thought I would do something a little different by using some of the chillies that are growing on my kitchen window sill. After much deliberation coconut, chilli and lime was the resulting flavour. I think it turned out exceptionally well and my 'judges' definitely seemed to like it! Deliciously moist and fluffy. Although in my opinion, it needs 2 chillies in the mix to give it that chilli tingle!

Next on the agenda - Mary's Walnut cake....