How much do you charge?

Each cake is made to your requirements and therefore each cake is unique. However we can offer some guidance based on standard cakes.


An 8" /  20.32cm    plain iced Victoria sponge cake is £40.  Delivery is extra.

Do you deliver?

Yes we can. There is a delivery charge and this is based on the distance travelled to your delivery location.   However there is a free collection service from our premises.

What flavours can you do?

We can do any flavour you require.  Popular favourites include Victoria Sponge, Chocolate, Coffee and Wallnut, Lemon...  If you have a particular flavour please contact and we will endeavour to fulfill your requirements.

What information do you need?

We need to know  either the size of cake you require or the number of people it will be feeding and what type of cake (ie. tiered, cupcakes etc.). What your preference is for flavours.  Will you be Collecting the Cake or do you require delivery 1.  Date and time required for ( and if delivering - delivery location).  Are there any special Dietary Needs?


1There is a delivery charge + a Mileage charge for deliveries over 30 miles